The Technophobes Guide To Internet Marketing Pay It Forward

Join Mark Attwood for a One-Day Exclusive Internet Marketing Seminar in Cheshire, Inspired by Rachel Elnaugh’s Prosperity 2013 Event

The Technophobes Guide To Internet Marketing

I got a lot of emails following our original sales page for The Technophobes Guide to Internet Marketing special one-day intensive saying “I’d really like to come, but simply cannot afford the £499 price to attend”

So, we’ve decided to make an amazing “Pay it Forward” offer where you can attend for the never-to-be-repeated offer price of just £50 plus VAT!

The terms of this off are simple:

You promise to attend
You promise to act on the information we give you
You promise to pay us the remaining £449 plus VAT ONLY when you think you have earned enough extra income from what we teach you on the day to be able to afford it.

This is entirely based on trust, and based on my serious desire to help you achieve more in your business.

You’ve got 48 hours to make a decision, after which this page will be taken down forever.

The choice is yours – invest in your future, or not 🙂

This is exactly what I am going to teach you:

  1. How to do effective keyword research so it forms the basis of your entire online activity
  2. How to write and structure a website so it has maximum effectiveness form the ground up
  3. How to design web pages for maximum conversions and how to track those conversions
  4. Why you should be using WordPress and how to use it properly
  5. Why you must use Google adwords as your laboratory before you do any SEO
  6. How to use Facebook advertising as a powerful list-builder
  7. Exactly how to effectively use video as a powerful marketing tool
  8. Precisely how to do search engine optimisation so you traffic costs you less over time

This is what two businesses that attended Prosperity 2013
have had to say about us in the last 2 weeks

As most businesses do, we hit a brick wall recently. People we thought we could rely on let us down, our website company went into liquidation without telling us, and our competitors with more backing behind them seemed about to squash us out of the market. Panic set in. Then we saw Mark Attwood speak at a business event. All of a sudden our heads lifted and our jaws dropped to the floor. Mark gave us hope that we could turn our business around.

So we called him after the event and he spent over an hour going through all the things we could do to turn our business around – fast! The team at Attwood Digital could not have been more helpful and we saw immediate results.

Our average sale went up from £25 to £45 within a few days and this figure is rising because we are now optimising our most expensive products. Our website was hiding from Google without us even realising it. Thanks to Mark and his team we are now staring Mr Google in the face and you know what? He likes us!!

Optimising and developing your website can be a nightmare, especially if you don’t speak teccy language. There are dodgy companies out there who will take your money and give little in return and/or make a complete hash of your business without you even realising it at the time. This will NOT happen with Attwood Digital. If you want to succeed with your business online, the simple answer is to work with Mark and his team. What are you waiting for?

Amanda Charteris, Alison Griffiths & Natalie Pugh
Directors Gift Wrapped & Gorgeous

I contacted Mark after watching him speak at Prosperity 2013 and realising that there is a whole WORLD of knowledge that I had clearly never even scratched the surface on in terms of SEO and online marketing.

I made notes, and came back to my ‘daily life’ to implement these notes to my website, and the time it took was a lot longer than I thought for a technophobe like me, on top of what I already am doing day to day in the business. That’s when I decided, that I would ask Mark’s team to do the work for me, let the experts be the experts, right?

Individuals from Mark’s team contacted me with questions and information of what they were going to do, step by step and were continually checking if I was happy.

Happy? I was thinking of a way I could employ someone to answer this ever-ringing new telephone line! The enquiries are up double the amount that they ever have been and whats more is they are consistent. People are calling me, better prepared and a lot closer to the sale than they have been before.

Mark is fabulous. An incredibly trustworthy, honest and upfront gentleman who is a true ‘hand-holder’. He understands we all do not know what he knows about the internet and its complications (!) but he is keen for each and every one of us, not to just ‘have our websites done’ but come out of our technophobic little box empowered with basic information. He wants us to have a website which WORKS and generates us business, because that’s the kind of guy he is.

When I think of my investment in Mark’s team I think of it like this, not how much I invested to have the site done properly, (which may I tell you is not even how much the site cost me in the first place) but how much it would cost me in my business, had I not asked Mark to help me with my business.

Once your site is complete, that is not all. Mark works on your conversion rates, your systems, your processes and you! If you want to up-scale your website, your business and yourself, look no further than Attwood Digital. If you would like to hear this from me directly, including exact information and financial details about how he helped my business, please pick up the phone.

Exhibition Plinths Ltd

If you’ve never heard of me, I have…

Mark Attwood in the Daily

  • created over £30 million in revenue online for my own businesses
  • created the world’s first online skip hire booking system with the birth of in 2003, which developed into PAL Hire in 2011.

  • got my first website (a travel website) to no.26 in the top 100 UK websites published by Internet Magazine in 1999 ( was no.60)
  • pioneered the use of geographical longtail landing pages online
  • Crain's Manchester Business

  • been featured in The Daily Telegraph
  • achieved Crains 40 under 40 entrepreneur award
  • achieved 500,000{4d2303c3d7018ed3e1a955ec2105d2bcecc5b881e14ee890535c5ae577f46e7a} ROI on domain sales
  • BBC Radio 2

  • been a featured guest on Chris Evans’ and Jeremy Vine’s BBC2 Radio Shows
  • raised a 6-figure investment from one of the UK’s wealthiest people


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  • spoken on Internet Marketing at the British Library, Manchester Metropolitan University School of Business, and at numerous other eventsSkip Hire Magazines
  • published a number of successful magazines, both online and offline
  • spent over £1.5 million of my own money on Google adwords since 2003
  • managed over £0.7 million of client money of Google adwords since 2008
  • helped hundreds of businesses achieve online success since 2008


My Guarantee

I’m going to make this a completely risk-free decision for you:

“If you come to the event and do not think it was worth the money,
we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.”

So here’s the deal:

Venue: a hotel in Cheshire/South Manchester

Date: Wednesday 19th June 2013

Places are limited, so book your seat now:

Book One Place: £50 + VAT

Book Two Places: £100 + VAT





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