Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

How do we do business and, more importantly, why? Find out here.

First up, we only work with people:

  1. We like
  2. Have real potential to improve their business by utilizing our knowledge and skills

It’s fairly simple: life is too short to work with people you don’t like, and we’ve been around long enough to know you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

It’s also a two-way street – you need to like us too!

For this reason, we run a monthly seminar, “An Introduction to Internet Marketing.”

This is where you get to spend three hours with us in an informal seminar situation where we show you what’s possible for your business online.

This seminar is a powerpoint-free zone!

It’s just us and the internet, where we show you how we created over £30 million online for our own businesses, and how you can do the same for yours.

It is a great way of getting to know each other and we guarantee that you will leave the room with a list of actions that will improve the performance of your business online, even if you don’t want to become a client!

Even if you can’t make the next seminar, we will send you a free DVD of a 90 minute seminar Mark did at Manchester Metropolitan University when you fill out this form

Attwood Digital's Eleven Tenets of Internet Marketing

These seminars are run on the last Friday of every month, and we ask for a small donation of £99 plus VAT to cover the costs (and to prove you are serious).

To apply for the next seminar, simply enter your details in the form below. We will send you details of the next one as soon as you’re approved.

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