From the UK Internet Pioneer that generated over $70,000,000 for just one 
Real-World Business that he created from Digital Marketing...
The Best Digital Marketing Strategy in the Galaxy 
A Step-By-Step Blueprint Designed for Business Owners for Total Online Market Domination
What Is This Book About?
This book is the distillation of Mark Attwood's 20 years experience of working on the internet, including generating over $70 million from creating the world's first online skip hire service.

It outlines the very best strategies in an easy-to-understand format to help achieve total market domination. If you are a business owner, entrepreneur or want to get ahead on the web, then you MUST READ this book to maximise your success online and SAVE YOU £10,000s in COSTLY MISTAKES.
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    What Other People Have Said About Mark's Work:
    "Mark is the go-to guy for all things internet marketing. He’s also one of the best teachers I’ve ever seen, making everything really easy to understand.  Highly recommended."
    Shaa Wasmund MBE
    Entrepreneur and Best Selling Business Author
    "As far as I’m concerned, Mark's search engine marketing expertise is unequalled. If anyone wants a website to top the search engine results, Mark is the person I recommend without hesitation."
    Ben Hunt
    Author of "Save The Pixel" & "Convert!"
    "Within a few days we were ranking on page 1 of Google for things we'd never been close to ranking for...We've had more leads in the last few months than any other marketing we’ve done in the past 20 years."
    Craig Jenkins
    UK Business Manager
    "Simply fantastic. Mark really helped me understand more about what digital marketing is all about."
    Adele McLay
    International Business Coach and Lifetime Entrepreneur
    "Really awesome content. I'm a pretty experienced internet marketer, but I learned a lot from Mark that is gonna help me make a lot more money."
    Greg Davis
    US Affiliate Rockstar
    "This book breaks it down super-simply and step-by-step. It explains exactly what to do, with great examples to knock your competition into a black hole."
    9 Reasons You Should Read This Book
    • You're thinking of starting an online business but you don't have a clue about how to go about it. 
    •  You're already in business but you've been disappointed by your digital marketing performance. 
    •  You're a technophobe and get confused by all that digital marketing mumbo-jumbo. 
    •  You're confused about where to go next with your business.
    •  You've spent a fortune on websites, PPC agencies, SEO agencies and you're completely cynical about the whole thing. 
    •  You went to university, did a marketing degree, you've entered the real world, and you've realised your degree is completely irrelevant. 
    •  You're interested in a career in digital marketing. 
    •  You've taken loads of digital marketing courses and you're suffering from overwhelm and procrastination paralysis. 
    •  You're at the airport and all the other book titles are crap :-)
    Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
    • The Three Key Elements of digital marketing you MUST UNDERSTAND to have any chance of success online
    • The Secrets to Keyword Research and how it will form the foundation for your online success for years to come - not just in SEO, but Pay-Per-Click, Video SEO, Image SEO and even Social Media SEO
    • Why website designers are the last people you should go to to build a website. It's like asking a painter and decorator to build your house. You must understand website architecture to succeed
    • Easy and Quick Wins with Video SEO - 80% of ALL internet traffic will be from video by 2020 - get ahead of your competitors easily and cheaply
    • Why you must ALWAYS be building an email database from EVERYTHING you do online - why getting Facebook Likes is renting a business, and email lists are when you OWN your business (and add massive value for when you want to sell it)
    • How to understand the dark-art of SEO once and for all with simple strategies that are 100% Google-safe and will see you soar past your competitors with ease (and they'll never know how you did it)
    • How to profit easily and cheaply from Image SEO - the most overlooked element of ranking in Google
    • How to think laterally about Facebook advertising in a way that can bring you free leads to your business quickly and sustainably
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