Earnings Disclaimer

Earnings Disclaimer

We try our best to describe the products and services we offer accurately and explain the potential benefits that the purchase of these products and services can offer your business.  At no point do we guarantee a level of income from these products and services.  Your success is down to you, your efforts, energy and implementation.  We do not advocate or indeed believe in ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ schemes. Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, as the saying goes.

If you require us to verify any claims made by us about our own products and services, we are happy to do so on request.  All our claims are based on fact and we do not attempt to hoodwink our clients by exaggerating the effectiveness of our products and services.

The information we provide is as accurate and up to date as possible.  We as a group endeavour to keep on top of any industry changes and deliver the most recent knowledge out there in the market place.  However our market place is subject to constant change and so the completeness and accuracy of our information cannot be guaranteed.  Our materials are intended as a guide and not the Bible of Internet Marketing so please do not consider them as such.  Please take the time to verify elsewhere any information and advice given by us to ensure its accuracy.

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