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Everyday, smart business owners are ranking higher, converting more sales and making more profits than ever before.

With membership to the Attwood Digital Marketing Training Ground they have access to over 30 years combined experience and knowledge of everything that works in online marketing which our team have been working in successfully since 1998, generating nearly £40 million for our own businesses and millions more for our clients.

With Attwood Digital Marketing Training Ground membership, you’ll beat even the highest ranking websites in your market – consistently.

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Here’s Mark introducing the Digital Marketing Training Ground…

What's on this page

Headed up by Mark Attwood, the UK champion of educating small business owners in effective online marketing since 2008. Mark has…

    Mark Attwood in the Daily

  • created over £30 million in revenue online for my own businesses
  • created the world’s first online skip hire booking system with the birth of in 2003, which developed into PAL Hire in 2011.

  • got my first website (a travel website) to no.26 in the top 100 UK websites published by Internet Magazine in 1999 ( was no.60)
  • pioneered the use of geographical longtail landing pages online
  • Crain's Manchester Business

  • been featured in The Daily Telegraph
  • achieved Crains 40 under 40 entrepreneur award
  • achieved 500,000{4d2303c3d7018ed3e1a955ec2105d2bcecc5b881e14ee890535c5ae577f46e7a} ROI on domain sales
  • BBC Radio 2

  • been a featured guest on Chris Evans’ and Jeremy Vine’s BBC2 Radio Shows
  • raised a 6-figure investment from one of the UK’s wealthiest people
  • spoken on Internet Marketing at the British Library, Manchester Metropolitan University School of Business, and at numerous other eventsSkip Hire Magazines
  • published a number of successful magazines, both online and offline
  • spent over £1.5 million of my own money on Google adwords since 2003
  • managed over £0.7 million of client money of Google adwords since 2008
  • helped hundreds of businesses achieve online success since 2008
“He is absolutely fantastic!”

Rachel Elnaugh

“Mark did a 90 minute workshop – it blew my mind. Things about internet marketing I had no clue existed. I’m so impressed with him I’m going to go on his internet marketing clinic. He’s a really, really great speaker and really knows his stuff.”

Rachel Elnaugh, The First Lady Dragon of Dragon’s Den, founder of Red Letter days and Changemaker

“SEO champion of the World”

Mark Gill

“SEO champion of the World. Undefeated in all competitions.”

Mark Gill, Partner @ iVideo Production and BAFTA-nominated film director
April, 2011

“The stuff he teaches works”

Mike Philbin

“I have been working with Mark for just over a year and the advice, help and support he and his team have given me is fantastic.. But more importantly the stuff he teaches works!!!”

Mike Philbin, Floor Care Consultant & Host of StonecareTV
December, 2010

“His search marketing expertise is unequalled”

Ben Hunt

“I have worked with Mark, and continue to work with him, on a range of online marketing projects, and was delighted to speak at one of his events. As far as I’m concerned, his search marketing expertise is unequalled. If anyone wants a web site to top the search engine results, Mark is the person I recommend without hesitation. He is also one of the most decent and generous people I’ve ever known, in or out of the business world.”

Ben Hunt, Owner at Ben Hunt Limited, Author of “Convert!” and “Save the Pixel”
December 2010

“I find his enthusiasm, creativity and depth of knowledge immensely inspiring”

Nick Gregan

“I’ve used Mark on several occasions over the last few years, I find his enthusiasm, creativity and depth of knowledge incredibly productive and immensely inspiring. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone if you are serious about improving your website, web presence and profitability.”

Nick Gregan, Specialist Headshot Photographer at

“His direction has placed my site rankings above larger more powerful competitors”

Martin Holling

“Mark is an amazing personality, an inspirational presenter with an in-depth knowledge of Internet marketing. His direction has placed my site rankings above larger more powerful competitors and our continued collaboration has provided us with a platform for a successful online business.”

Martin Holling, Director at Travel Empire Ltd.
December, 2010

Boost your internet marketing performance within 37 days – Guaranteed
  • We give you a continuously updated resource of videos that cover off every aspect of online marketing that actually works
  • Based on the same techniques that saw Mark generate over £30 million online
  • Hours of Easy-to-Understand, bite-sized instructional videos on how to do pretty much everything online
  • Access to our team of experts
Technophobe Friendly


Not only can you trial it at £1 for 7 days and get a full refund if you are not satisfied for up to 37 days, we also guarantee that you do NOT need to be a computer genius to understand the training – we’ve made it so EASY a child could understand it!

Just look at some of these amazing results we’ve achieved for our members:


From zero to £36,000 worth of traffic per month in just three months (and growing)


The cost per click in the personal injury market is an eye-watering £100+. Entering this market afresh when so many competitors have spent millions in SEO over so many years was never going to be easy BUT using our advanced video marketing strategy, we managed to get high page 1 placements with rich snippets for hyper-expensive PPC keywords like compensation lawyers solicitors for Beardsells Personal Injury Solicitors:

and foot injury claims compensation:

and many others!


Over £100,000 in extra income per year from turning knowledge into money


Long-time member, Mike Philbin, used our members area strategy to turn his expertise in floor cleaning into an online money machine that developed into a full training company and chemical sales business.


Getting Google to reinstate a website whose traffic got demolished from 50,000 unique visitors per month to less than 8000 visitors per month following a penalty imposed by the Panda and Penguin onslaught in 2012 using our “advanced re-instatement strategy”



Getting a 57{4d2303c3d7018ed3e1a955ec2105d2bcecc5b881e14ee890535c5ae577f46e7a} sign up rate using our advanced Facebook List Building strategy.


This picture is taken from aweber – the S/UD column stands for sign-ups per unique display. By simple split testing, we took the conversion rate of a squeeze page from 2{4d2303c3d7018ed3e1a955ec2105d2bcecc5b881e14ee890535c5ae577f46e7a} to 57{4d2303c3d7018ed3e1a955ec2105d2bcecc5b881e14ee890535c5ae577f46e7a} – an increase of 2,850{4d2303c3d7018ed3e1a955ec2105d2bcecc5b881e14ee890535c5ae577f46e7a}:

Here are the Training Materials currently available inside the Training Ground:

Training Content Video Running Time Silver Gold Platinum
Applying Filters in Analytics 19:32
How to Set Up Goals and Conversion Tracking 04:31
How to Set Up Analytics Properly 04:39
How to Use Real-Time Analytics 01:50
Google Analytics: How to Filter IP Address 02:18
How to Make Money Blogging 02:59
The Art of Blogging for Business (an 8 hour seminar) – Session 1 – Part 1 37:28  
The Art of Blogging for Business – Session 1 – Part 2 38:56  
The Art of Blogging for Business – Session 2 – Part 1 45:42  
The Art of Blogging for Business – Session 2 – Part 2 40:59  
The Art of Blogging for Business – Session 3 1:18:31  
The Art of Blogging for Business – Session 4 – Part 1 1:02:42  
The Art of Blogging for Business – Session 4 – Part 2 1:09:07  
Conversion Rare Optimisation
Targeted Keywords Overview 03:01
Online Information – What People Want 03:24
Autoresponders: Getting You More Leads Online 58:51
Infographic Marketing
How to Create an Infographic – Research 06:29
How to Find Out Where your Infographic Has Been Published 02:30
How To Use Illustrator
Illustrator Tutorials: How to Create a Repeat Pattern 04:06
Illustrator Tutorials: How to Set Up an Illustrator Document 03:31
Illustrator Tutorials: How to Use the Align Tool 02:08
Illustrator Tutorials: How to Create Graphs 03:18
Illustrator Tutorials: How to Create a Picto-graph 06:38
Illustrator Tutorials: How to Use Swatch Library 04:08
Illustrator Tutorials: How to Use Shape Modes 03:06
Illustrator Tutorials: How to Create Bleeds for Printing 03:04
Illustrator Tutorials: How to Create a New Art Brush 03:37
Pay Per Click
Adwords Seminar Part 1 1:24:33
Adwords Seminar Part 2 1:32:36
Adwords Seminar Part 3 1:44:31
Adwords Seminar Part 4 31:59
How to Create a Massive PPC Campaign in 7 and a Half Minutes 07:57
Search Engine Optimisation
An Introduction to SEO 04:35
Google Want Relevancy   04:35
Meta Descriptions 03:39
WordPress Part 1: How to Write an SEO Friendly Blog Post 09:31
SEO Seminar at Manchester Metropolitan University (90 mins) 1:32:24
Why Does SEO Matter? 01:27
Chipping the Engine – Supercharge your WordPress Site for SEO and More 01:09:16
On-page SEO 1: The Basics of On-page SEO    
Keyword Research
Keyword Research 02:24
Keyword Research 1: Basic keyword Research Using the Google Keyword Tool 10:05
Keyword Research 2: Organising Your Keywords into Red/Amber/Green Using Excel 08:04
Keyword Research 3: Grouping Your Green keywords into Salt Piles 10:05
Keyword Research: How to use The UberSuggest Tool 03:25
Keyword Research: How to use The UberSuggest Tool 03:25
How to Analyse Your Anchor Text Profile 04:47
How to Analyse Your Backlink Profile 06:32
Toxic Links and How to Remove Them: Part 1 11:22  
Toxic Links and How to Remove Them: Part 2 07:38  
Toxic Links and How to Remove Them: Part 3 11:49  
Social Media Marketing
How to Create a Google Plus Page 05:55
How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page 07:58
How to Set up a Twitter Profile 08:29
Video Marketing
How Important Is Video In Current & Future Marketing? 01:48
Online Video Marketing Secrets Webinar 48:22
Telling a Story in Your Videos to Make More Sales 00:39
How to Set Up a Google Video Site Map 02:27
YouTube Marketing
An Introduction to YouTube Marketing 01:18
YouTube Marketing Series – How to Set Up Your New YouTube One Channel 11:55
YouTube Marketing: How to Upload and SEO a Video to YouTube 14:06
Web Design
How to Create a Favicon 03:23
How to Optimize Images for Web 08:06
How to Add a Favicon to Your Website 04:25
How to Use Inspect Element in Google Chrome 03:48
How to Use Google Web Fonts 05:27
How to Put a YouTube Video on Your Website 02:09
How to Change WordPress Permalinks 03:13
How to Add a Google Map to a Website 03:29
How to Add Items to a WordPress Menu 04:49
How to Set Up a WordPress Site 08:01
How to Set Up a WordPress Site: One Click Installation 03:38
How to Create a Simple Gravity Form 06:24
How to Add a New Page in WordPress 04:59
How to Add Meta Information to Your WordPress Site 06:26
How to Add a Gravity Form to Your WordPress Site 03:29
How to Add a Gravity Form to Your WordPress Theme 04:19
How to Change the Size of Your Slider 04:43
How to Change the Way Your WordPress Slider Looks 08:01
How to Add a SliderPro Image Gallery to Your Blog 02:12
How to Create an Image Gallery in SliderPro 03:58
How to Use Layers in SliderPro 04:24
How to Link Your Slides to Pages, Posts and Categories 04:38
How to Create a Simple Gravity Form 06:24
Case Studies
CRO Case Study -How we Achieved a 500{4d2303c3d7018ed3e1a955ec2105d2bcecc5b881e14ee890535c5ae577f46e7a}+ Increase in lead Conversions 34:15  
SEO Case Study: How We Got Lots of High PR Links and 1,000s of Social Signals That Google Loves With One perfect Infographic 14:41  
How to Get a 60{4d2303c3d7018ed3e1a955ec2105d2bcecc5b881e14ee890535c5ae577f46e7a}+ Conversion Rate From an E-mail Offer 11:42  
Total running time 28:59:29
Here’s an example of the kind of training videos you will get inside:

It's only £1 to trial it for 7 days

Improve Your Online Marketing Today!

Join ADMTG today and get a 37-day Money Back Guarantee

No minimum term – cancel any time

£1 Trial for 7 Days Access



Here’s What Your Membership Gets You:

Silver – £27/month
  • Access to all the basic videos and content explaining how to get started in EFFECTIVE online marketing
  • Access to Mark’s live talks, including the 8 hour “Blogging for Business Seminar” and his talk at the British Library for Rachel Elnaugh’s Marketing Magicians
  • A DVD of Mark’s talk on SEO at Manchester Metropolitan University – sent directly to your home or workplace

Gold – £97/month
  • Everything you get in the Silver package
  • PLUS higher level insider tips and tricks to take you even further up the profit ladder

Platinum – £147/month
  • Everything you get in the Gold package
  • PLUS a monthly live webinar with Mark and his Team to go through Members websites and online marketing challenges with real, actionable advice on how to get your online presence making you more money.
Meet Your Trainers:
Mark Attwood


Mark has been teaching online marketing since 2008 – he is committed to giving no-fluff, down-to-earth advice to any business owner that wants to see their online presence perform better and faster.

Steve Wild

Steve Wild

Steve has been working alongside Mark since 2002. He’s the go-to technical wizard who is always on hand to help.

Katy Attwood

Katy Attwood

Our PPC Queen – Katy, along with Mark, has managed over £2 million in Google adwords and knows exactly how to help you get your PPC campaigns rocking and rolling.

Liz Delves

Liz Delves

Liz is our web design expert. She’s an amazingly talented web designer who loves sharing what she knows in an easy to understand format.

It’s all about YOU

As an in-demand speaker and online marketing expert, Mark is driven passionately to create the type of resource that he wanted (but it didn’t exist) since he started working on the internet in 1998, to be accessible and affordable to EVERYONE that is in business or wants to start in business.

That’s why, whatever level you join at, YOU can ask us to teach you whatever you want – if it’s not in the training ground yet, just ask us and we’ll get it done to benefit every member.


When you join the Digital Marketing Training Ground for the first time, you might get a bit overwhelmed

The information provided in here has cost other business owners over £10,000 per day to access over the years, but we want to make it accessible to anyone who’s willing to put the time investing in their future prosperity. That’s why we give you 37 days to put us to the test – if you don’t find our content of value within that time, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back.

We’re working very hard to add new videos and content every month – but only stuff we’ve actually tested ourselves in our own business, but when you sign up today, we promise that your subscription rate will never increase as long as you’re a member.

Improve Your Online Marketing Today!

Join ADMTG today and get a 37-day Money Back Guarantee

No minimum term – cancel any time

£1 Trial for 7 Days Access



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