Weekly SEO Reports

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Weekly SEO Reports

You need to know how your website is performing, right? We can set you up with a weekly report that analyses how you keywords are performing in the search engines, how your site authority is progressing against your competitors and much more.

Option 1

We use Moz software for this, which you can buy here for $99 per month (basic package).

Option 2

Or we can put you on our professional Moz account and send you a weekly reports for just £29 per month

Just click on the following Paypal button to order and then we will email you with a list of information required to make your weekly report happen..

Option 3

To get a FULL Attwood Digital monthly report on your digital marketing activity costs just £120 per month. This is a super-detailed analysis with action points to help your website perform better, faster. You don’t have to be a client to get this. For an example report, email steve@attwooddigital.com

More details on the Moz reports…

We take a sample number of target keywords and set the report to give us information on where those keywords are moving in whichever search engines you need to monitor.

Here’s an example:

Keyword rankings

We can then show you precisely which keywords are improving like this:

Keywords improved

And which ones are declining, like this:

Keywords declined

You can also see how your improved keywords are doing compared to your three main competitors:

Competitor keywords improved

and your declined keywords compared to your competitors:

Competitor keywords declined

We can tell you which are your highest ranked keywords:

Highest ranking keywords

We can tell you critical information which can help improve the performance of your site like this:

Crawl diagnostics

And competitive domain analysis like this:

Competitive domain analysis

We can also link to Google Analytics to give you visual representations of your traffic data like this:

Visualisation of traffic data

It’s a vast amount of information that will keep your regularly updated on the performance of your site against your competitors. It also tells us where there are problems, so we can fix them quickly, and where we should be putting our SEO efforts.

To get set up with your weekly SEO report, just fill out the form below today. We’ll also send you a DVD free of charge of a seminar on internet marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University by our founder, Mark Attwood.

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