Website Design & Architecture

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Website Design & Architecture

“Asking a web designer to design your website can be like asking a painter and decorator to build your house” Mark Attwood

If you want to build a house, the first person you should call is an architect.

Web design starts with SEO and CRO architecture. If your website is not optimised for both of these from the ground up, you’ve got no chance of succeeding online.

To get a website that really works for you, you need to remove your ego.

This is a tough pill for some people to swallow, but it’s true.

The only measure of your website design that matters is whether it performs.

We’ve been creating websites that perform since 1998.

We can not only create sites that look the business, we also go to great lengths to ensure:

  1. Full keyword research is carried out in your market to ensure you have enough optimised landing pages to maximize your online reach in your niche
  2. Great copy is written for every landing page. Great copy means emotionally connecting with people, not going on about yourself and not trying too hard to be cool
  3. Your site is on the most appropriate server for maximum SEO effectiveness
  4. Your site is built on the best platform for success
  5. Your site has an integrated blog and you are fully trained in how to maximize the incredible traffic-getting abilities of a power-blog
  6. We incorporate everything we know about conversion rate optimisation into your site so it sprints out of the starting blocks
  7. We incorporate a split-test on the design so that the audience can tell us which version converts better
  8. We incorporate eye-tracking software to ensure your visitors are following the path you want them to
  9. We take care to ensure your brand is represented in a way that makes you happy but, more importantly, tells your customers immediately what you’re all about
  10. All pages, images and video are fully optimised for target keywords
  11. All content creation opportunities are identified for link baiting
  12. Your site is listed in all the appropriate business directories
  13. Your social media site elements are fully optimised for maximum performance
  14. All list-building opportunities are fully exploited

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To get the ball rolling with your new money-making website, call us on 0161 949 3329 or fill out the form below. When you do, we’ll send you a free DVD recording of a 90 minute lecture on internet marketing given by our founder, Mark Attwood, so don’t forget to fill out your address.

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