Infographic Marketing

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Infographic Marketing

The benefits of Data Visualisation, or Infographic, Marketing are huge… when done right

Google wants high quality content. The social media world wants high quality content on trending topics. You need to provide both to benefit from the increased importance of social signals in the Google algorithm, and to communicate your message and brand in a way that actually gets noticed.

Infographic marketing helps you achieve this.

“Infographics” are simply visualized data. They’re not new in any way – in fact, they’ve been around since cave drawings first appeared in the stone ages 🙂 – but they’ve become a popular online marketing tool since around 2010.

The benefits of a properly strategised and executed infographic marketing plan are:

  1. They can go viral and create masses of backlinks that Google love, which will increase your site authority, rankings and traffic
  2. They can help increase conversion rates on your landing pages

Why are they so good at doing this?

  1. We like pictures more than words
  2. We like sharing cool, funny, interesting images
  3. We retain data better in visual form
  4. The act of sharing helps us remember brands
  5. People who share great content produced by you are predisposed to give you a quality link in return.

It takes us an average time of 10 man-hours to do the basic work required for a typical infographic campaign.

Infographic SEO Case Study

Here’s a case study of an infographic we produced in December 2012 called “Fuel Poverty in the UK”

Fuel poverty in the UK infographic


The following social signals were generated in less than 3 weeks, all of which in turn linked back to the client homepage.

306 Tweets

6 Facebook Likes

3 Google +1s

3 Stumbleupons

12 Pins

Infographic social statistics

We then found three people who had embedded the infographic on their website who we outreached to and obtained links back to the client website. One of those links was from a site with Page Rank 4. Google gold dust.

Get Your Infographic Marketing off the ground by completing the form below right now or call us on 0161 949 3329. When you do – we’ll also send you a free DVD of a 90 minute seminar on internet marketing given at Manchester Metropolitan University by our founder, Mark Attwood.

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Marketing Tip: Go Further on Data Visualisation…

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If you’re really interested (which you should be), here’s a great TED talk by David McCandless: “The beauty of data visualization”

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