Wedding Dresses Ireland? Great video SEO right here…

The wedding dress business is a tough one.

It involves a large outlay because you have to buy the dresses upfront in order to be able to show potential brides what choices you can offer them.

They want to try them on.

A lot of these dress fittings take place with women that haven’t even got a boyfriend, let alone a fiancé!

It’s cash-flow poor and involves a LOT of time.

When you do get a client, they are some of the most demanding clients on Earth (you’ve heard about Bridezillas, right?)

How do I know this?

Because one of my best friends, Tricia Corrigan, owns a Bridal Boutique in the West of Ireland.

It’s a tough climate for this business right now.

Wedding budgets are a fraction of what they were ten years ago.

People are getting dresses from place like

So, I decided to help Tricia out with a little bit of SEO Magick…

After a quick evaluation, I found that she had a great marketing asset that was doing nothing for her:

A really well produced video.

Tricia had spent quite a bit of money on this video.

But, it wasn’t doing anything for her business because…

1. It had not been optimised for any keyword, just her brand “Padanee Bridal Boutique”

2. It was not ranking or getting any commercial traffic from the second biggest search engine in the world: YouTube.

So, we got to work…

Within a matter of days, we achieved the number 1 and 2 spots for the following keywords:

Wedding dresses Ireland
Wedding dress Ireland

How did we do this?

5 simple steps:

1. Find commercial keywords with good traffic

2. Optimise the video for these keywords through my proprietary 7-step process developed since 2006

3. Generate 300 social syndication links from high quality social sites with a range of anchor text links and unique content.

4. Drip feed these links over a few days

5. Get friends and family to search for the video using the keyword(s) and watch the video till the end (a major SEO “Quality Signal”)

Tricia now has a marketing asset that’s actually doing some work for her business.

This video will not only stay at the top of YT, but it will likely pop up on Google soon as well.

She is outranking every other wedding dress business in the country.

It’s a mathematical impossibility that this video will not add £10,000s to her business.

In fact, she sent me this WhatsApp earlier today:

So, if you’re in a similar position to Tricia and already have at least one video on YT (whether it’s optimised or not), I have a very special offer today.

Click here to find out more:…/subscriber-only-video-…

Don’t delay, I can only do this for a handful of businesses and the next three months is extremely busy for me already.

Just click the link to see this subscriber-only offer right now.

Have a great week,

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