SyndBuddy Review – Super Simple SEO Boosts

Check SyndBuddy here:
Regardless of what Google officially states, there is zero doubt that social signals are a major part of the ranking algorithm.
It’s just logic. There is no better way to judge the quality of content than counting votes, whether that is a link from another site, a FB Like, YouTube views, a +1 or a tweet with a link.
About a year go I was working on some software that would enable people to easily share each others content but, as usual, got waylayed by bigger projects we had coming in, so it kept getting pushed down the list (I’m sure you have a list like that, right?)
As is usual in this monkey-nut world, someone beat me to it, and I’m happy to report they’ve done a great job.
It’s called SyndBuddy and it’s super simple to use. Here’s a screenshot of how you share other people’s content to earn credits that are then used to get other people to share your content:
It’s well worth a punt if you want a simple, low cost way to boost the rankings of your content.
Take a look at it here:

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