Bed and Breakfast Startups Get Tech Help To Compete with AirB&B

Check out the press release on our friend and Bed and Breakfast coach Yvonne Halling:

New online learning centre for Bed and Breakfast entrepreneurs offers coaching and mentoring for newbies teaching owners how to minimise risk and get to profit fast without working themselves into the ground.
Cutting edge online marketing and relationship building strategies developed by award winning B&B owner and online marketer Yvonne Halling helps owners of bed and breakfasts, guest houses, inns, small hotels worldwide and people wondering how to start a bed and breakfast to avoid the pitfalls and focus on how to create a sustainable business.
With the ever increasing exit from corporate life, the allure of people being able to rent out parts of their houses, blazed by Airbnb and the online power of booking dotcom, many people think that starting a bed and breakfast is easy and fun. Well, it can be, but it can also be fraught with difficulties for people that don’t know what they’re doing.
Anyone starting a bed and breakfast business in this digital age needs to understand that sales and online marketing are the main activities that count, not making nice rooms and cooking great breakfasts. Even though the rooms and breakfasts are important, if owners don’t learn how the internet works and how to position and price themselves correctly, they will always be at the mercy of the big online travel agents who will happily do it for them, dictate their prices and charge them for the privilege.
And they can and do change the rules at any time, and there isn’t a single thing anyone can do about it.
That’s not to say they don’t have their place. They do.
Hitching to them on a permanent basis means that they can shut down small business like bed and breakfasts at any time.
If a B&B owner is not building and controlling their own database of guests, then they don’t really have a business.
Yvonne Halling, award winning B&B owner, online marketer, speaker, coach and author has set up to address these issues that are taking over the small hospitality world.
She provides online coaching and mentoring, home study and live calls to assist anyone wishing to start a bed and breakfast business or already has an established business to add at least 20 – 40% to their revenue in less than 12 months. Typically clients can expect their business to increase by at least 20% and even up to as much as 67% with her proven and tested strategies.
This information is not anywhere else on the web. It is a truly unique but simple system and easy to understand for anyone ready to start a bed and breakfast business, guest house, inn or small hotel, or who is already established, has hit an income ceiling and wants to unlock more for themselves.
Bed and Breakfast supports owners by:
– establishing the goal and then breaking it down into guest nights x price
– pricing and positioning to attract ideal guests
– setting up a website for those guests
– creating an upselling system that builds relationships and sells automatically
– delivering a great guest experience on site
– developing a communication system to have those ideal guests returning
– creating a system to attract more ideal guests to book
– automating the entire sales and marketing process to free up time
– developing a professional business-like approach
Yvonne says, “I set up to support the small hospitality industry with the issues they’re facing since the internet arrived and the entire digital landscape. This puts a huge amount of pressure on owners and is bewildering to newbies who don’t understand how this business can really work for them, providing them with a full-time income and tons of fun when done right”
“With the arrival of Airbnb it seems that anyone and his dog can start a bed and breakfast business from their own home, undercut those who’ve been there for years and threaten their livelihood.”
“The industry is bursting with technology for front of house payment systems, loyalty CRMs, customer ordering and so much more. We put the spotlight on basic, timeless fundamental principles that have worked for decades but have been largely overlooked by the smaller operators”.
With Yvonne’s systems, users can simply watch step-by-step video home study tutorials, with templates, examples and resources to use, together with online live coaching calls and private forums to get questions answered. She also includes technical help so no-one is left scratching their head wondering how on earth anything fits together. It’s almost fool-proof.
Contact Info:
Name: Yvonne Halling
Address: 55 Pellon Lane, Halifax , England HX1 5SP, United Kingdom
Phone: +44-7847-096212
For more information, please visit

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