Guinot Anti Wrinkle Cream

Like death and taxes, one of life’s certainties in getting older is ageing…

Wrinkles, jowls, loss of definition – it’s not the best reminder that we’re all getting older, but it’s definitely a constant one.
And as much as we love living in Marrakech and all the benefits it brings, the north African sunshine might not be the best thing to beat down on our skin all the time.
So what are our options? We could hide from the sunshine 24/7, but that’s not going to happen, as a) we love sunshine b) vitamin D is good for you and c) hiding away would be weird – so our next step is to apply something to our skin to look after it.
(FYI, don’t worry, we’ve not going to go full Joan Rivers in our pursuit of youthfulness. We’re just interesting in keeping our skin as healthy and as fresh as possible.)
For the record, we’re not big fans of sun screen, (which we’ll go into at a later date), but we are now big fans of Guinot Anti Wrinkle Cream.
This product comes with a lot promises about making the skin appear more youthful and toned. According to the blurb, wrinkles are visibly smoothed, lines reduced and skin regains its radiance.

And there’s a video here with more information:

But does it work? It’s been a few weeks and we have already noticed a visible difference. Namely, our skin isn’t dry at the end of the day, it feels slightly plumper, definitely less tired and much softer.
We use moisturiser, but this is different. We weren’t sure how… and then we read what’s in the cream. Here’s what it says in the description of the ingredients:
Hyaluronic Acid: helps natural production of hyaluronic acid and helps lock in moisture
Shea Butter: contains essential fatty acids and natural anti-oxidant compounds and helps moisturize your skin.
Liposkin: vegetable butter that nourishes the skin and replenishes lipids.
Biopeptides EL and CL: helps collagen and elastin production to intensify the skin.
OK, backtrack: “hyaluronic acid”?! The idea of putting actual acid on our faces didn’t really win us over – initially. But have you read about this stuff? It’s ithe ingredient our skin makes when we’re younger but slowly stops producing as we get older – and it’s absolutely marvellous stuff – read more about the benefits of a day cream with hyaluronic acidCompletely natural, completely safe – it’s the elixir of life, and we’re sticking with it. Preferably until we look like fresh-faced 18 year olds again ☺

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