Looking For An Awesome Video App? Check out VideoGo

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If you’re contemplating self-promoting your own business online, the best marketing tip we can give you at Attwood Digital is to start making videos. Investing your time and making the effort to create videos that are short, have good lighting, clear audio, and a direct call to action at the end are incredibly powerful. That’s why we wanted to talk to you about our buddies at VideoGo.
VideoGo is a new video app that will revolutionise how you create videos.  It’s estimated that by 2020 80{4d2303c3d7018ed3e1a955ec2105d2bcecc5b881e14ee890535c5ae577f46e7a} of all online content will be video content. So getting tech savy and learning how to produce great quality videos quickly, effectively through SEO, and fairly often is paramount to growing your business.
With the VideoGo video app you can create, edit, and share fantastic short videos. Think about how convenient it would be to create multiple videos in lets say even an hour or so you set aside once or twice a week. You would be making tons of videos constantly, which will mean a constant presence on video platforms such as Youtube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo and therefore get more exposure for your company or brand which can then lead to profits!
VideoGo lets you do yourself what a third party video production company would charge you hundreds to thousands of pounds for a fraction of the cost.
The app also comes with some helpful features a built-in teleprompter, templated graphics and bespoke licensed free music to use exclusively with VideoGo.
The team at VideoGo is currently putting in the finishing touches on the app before releasing it so if you’re interested in the video app go to their website to get updated on their progress.

The founder of Attwood Digital, Mark is a digital marketing veteran having been working online since before the dotcom boom. He created the world's first online skip hire service in 2003, has created multiple online courses, lectured on digital marketing and even written a book on the subject. He is also an ICO advisor and crypto-enthusiast.
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