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In recent years, video marketing has taken a huge leap forward, with the advance in technology through the internet, and the way people access video content, through their laptops, mobile and tablets. Sites and apps such as YouTube and Snapchat have changed the way that we connect and communicate with each other. And they also create a great an engaging way to get your message across to people. YouTube (owned by Google) is now the second largest search engine on the web, after Google.
That is why it is so important that you use video marketing in your business marketing strategy, and why here at Attwood Digital we offer it as part of our services. Below are just a couple of reasons why you should adopt video marketing into your digital marketing plan.
One very important reason is that it improves your SEO! Having a video on your page or blog, increases the chance of a front page Google result by 53 times according to Comscore. Although it does have to be done right, and optimised in the correct way. But we can show and do that for you.
Videos are much more likely to engage your audience. People are less likely to fully grasp your message from blocks of text, as they are from a great video. Also studies have shown that videos actually increase customer conversion rates (we know you don’t want to miss out on that.)
Creating fantastic videos doesn’t have to be so expensive anymore. There are great apps to use like VideoGo, which is a Video App that offers you broadcasting capabilities. It includes options to brand your videos, edit, add music and even a teleprompter. We can provide researched keyword optimised scripts for you, as well as optimising services for your newly created videos.
If you’re interesting to find out more about our video marketing agency, and what video marketing services we can offer you, then watch our video at the beginning of this blog 😉 Or contact us by clicking the ‘CALL ME BACK’ button right at the top of page.

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The founder of Attwood Digital, Mark is a digital marketing veteran having been working online since before the dotcom boom. He created the world's first online skip hire service in 2003, has created multiple online courses, lectured on digital marketing and even written a book on the subject. He is also an ICO advisor and crypto-enthusiast.
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