Introducing Facebook Custom Audiences for Lead Ad Form Engagement

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Last year, Facebook started experimenting with Lead Ads. For users, this created a better experience as it got rid of load times and pre-filling registration data from the user’s profile since its all done on Facebook with your own account.
However, this did make a few issues for advertisers.  The biggest issue was that because the Lead Ads kept the users on Facebook, advertisers couldn’t create website custom audiences.
What’s the big deal? It’s insightful to know whether a user clicked to open the form but didn’t submit or clicked and submitted. The advertiser show the user a more relevant ad according to the different kinds of feedback.
You would definitely not want to show someone who submits to register the same ad again. You could do that with creative email Custom Audience syncing. But there could be some issues for example, the email address that the user provided may not be the same as what is on their profile since they can edit it.
Also, advertisers may want to show a different ad to a user who clicked and didn’t submit. Since you can analyze that they got close to submitting, you could create momentum to remind them that time is running out on signing up or offer additional benefits to convince them to continue the process.
All of this can be done with Website Custom Audiences when driving users to a landing page. But without that option on Facebook, advertisers couldn’t do much.
Now Facebook is addressing this issue and since March started testing a feature that allows advertisers to create Custom Audiences from user engagement.
To see it for yourself, go to Audiences within your Ads Manager and click to create a Custom Audience. Some advertisers will have the “Engagement on Facebook” option.
First, select the Lead Ad form for which you’d like to create an audience. Then select the type of Lead Ad engagement. Then you can select “Anyone who opened this form”, “People who opened but didn’t submit form”, and “People who opened and submitted form.”
The maximum duration is 90 days which is a bit odd since its 365 days for Video Engagement Custom Audience  and 180 for Website Custom Audiences.
So if you’re already doing Facebook advertising or are new to the game, check out this new update. Let us know your thoughts on how it works for you!

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