There are Free Boiler Schemes, Did You Know?

There is so much confusion about what free boiler schemes are, what ones are available in the UK, and which ones can be trusted.
The ECO scheme founded in January 2013 which had the aim to reduce the UK’s energy consumption and support people so they can live comfortably. They wanted £1.3 billion of energy efficiency improvements to be funded every year by the energy companies.
The ECO scheme helps to reduce carbon emissions from the UK’s domestic properties to enable the domestic carbon emission reduction targets.
This free boiler scheme was set up to help low-income families improve the efficiencies of their homes and reduce their carbon footprint.
Boiler schemes, or boiler grants for free boilers, have been put in place for specific reasons:

  • More Comfortable Living
  • Improved Reliability and Quicker Heating
  • To reduce levels of harmful Carbon emissions released into the environment by central heating boilers
  • To help reduce heating bills for certain groups in society such as pensioners or low income families

Not only that, but in terms of health, it is much better and more profitable as the Eco scheme boilers are proven to be the best for the environment and our health.
These boiler grants are totally free so long as you qualify, and there is nothing to pay back.
Whether you’re looking to save cash or plan on making your home more energy efficient, then changing your boiler as part of the free boiler replacement scheme might be the best solution for you.
If you would like to start saving your money (that could be up to £300 a year on your gas bills!) – as well as start living in a better environment, then don’t hesitate to head over to our friends; Free Boiler Installers to upgrade to a NEW Boiler and start saving now!

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