Fancy participating in a Charity Desert Rally for a good cause?

When it comes to adventure holidays and “sporty tourism” most people find themselves lucked out on where to go and what to do. Is it worth a trip half way across the world? Can I really see myself jumping of a cliff?
Luckily, there are many options out there that can combine your need for speed and exhilaration whilst witnessing the untouched beauty of nature. And what if it was all for a good cause too?
A Charity Desert Rally sounds like it hits the spot, doesn’t it? Imagine cruising through endless dunes in the Moroccan Sahara, nothing between you and nature but the wheel. Oh, and it’s all for a charitable cause too!
Rally Marrakech Sahara is a 6 day journey through the desert, competing with other teams to see who can get to the checkpoints the fastest. Off road, this scenic car rally spans from Merzouga to the beautiful oasis of M’hamid and back again.
Organised by the British Moroccan Society, funds from the rally will go towards causes supported by the BMS who focus on education as well as other charitable causes – like their Learning Centres popping up all over small villages in Morocco.
If you want to know a little bit more about Rally Marrakech Sahara, check out this video that shows you what to expect…

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Morocco has unmatched beauty to offer, with rolling sand hills and endless blue skies. A few nights camping in the desert will bring out the real adventurer in you and leave you with a soft spot for this fantastic country.
But hurry because time is running out, with only 13 weeks until it begins, you’d be mad to miss it. So start recruiting your team mate, start preparing your soundtrack and hopefully we will see you in the Moroccan sand dunes!

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