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If you’re interested in the alternative medicine market, you may have heard “Cannabidiol” being thrown around. But what is Cannabidiol (or CBD, as it’s known in abbreviated form)? In short, CBD is the non-psychoactive molecular mass found in cannabis.

When we say “cannabis” we don’t mean marijuana, cannabis is the umbrella term of which hemp and forms of marijuana fall under. And so, you might ask, what is the difference between hemp and marijuana? Genetically, the two could be grown from the same plant, yet the two tend to be bred separately.

Marijuana comes from a smaller, bushier plant with lots of flowering buds; it’s this substance that contains low levels of CBD and high levels of THC – the latter being the ingredient that causes users to get “high”.

On the other hand, hemp comes from a plant that instead of many flowering buds, has stronger, longer stalks – it’s hemp that contains high levels of CBD and only a trace amount of THC. Not only is hemp made for medicinal purposes, it is also used in food, fiber, bricks, natural plastic and much more. The CBD in hemp and marijuana is the same – the only difference is the concentration of it; hemp providing copious amounts compared to marijuana.

The benefits of CBD range from suppressing seizure activity to combatting tumour and cancer cells as well as combatting anxiety and depression, amongst many other things.

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There are a lot of articles out there that praise CBD and the effects it has had on many peoples’ lives. But don’t just take our word for it, go and have a look yourself.

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