CBD Oil: Friend or Foe?

There is a debate surrounding the use of marijuana in medicine, however this seems to be quickly changing due to CBD, or cannabidiol; a compound found in marijuana.
But hold your horses, when we say marijuana and medicine, don’t instantly think about “getting high” or the effects thereof. THC should not be confused with CBD; the former being the ingredient in marijuana that gets users high. Though THC may cause some side effects for users, CBD doesn’t seem to present the same kinds of problems and in fact there is growing evidence of it’s medical benefits.
Despite CBD being one of the key ingredients in cannabis – it does not cause a high as it acts on different pathways of the body to THC. In fact there has been evidence to show that CBD can actually suppress seizure activity, combat tumour and cancer cells as well as combat anxiety and depression amongst many other things.
There is a lot of promise in this medicine, yet it does still remain illegal in certain parts of the world. That being said, more and more pharmaceutical companies are scheduling trials using CBD to research deeper into the possible health benefits.
As it stands, it is illegal to buy pure cannabis oil online. However, there are manufacturers that sell hemp oil with percentages of CBD in them, sometimes known as CBD Oil. Our friends over at CBD Oil Angels, do just this. With a range of products from oil drops and oil capsules to oil paste – they know their products and percentages.

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There is still a lot of research to be made into CBD, but the promise it shows does look like something to get excited about.

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