Bad Marketing – FAB Lollypop Sticks

I forgot to mention that I still remember a joke I got off a lollie in 1974:
Q: What do you call an Italian stuck in a Scottish mist?
A: A Roman in the Gloamin
(I’ll get me coat)

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  1. My friend (a solicitor) made a similar comment last weekend when he commented on the lack of joke on the stick. There must be something in what you say! Perhaps the accountants wanted to cut the costs.

    1. Hi John. Nice to hear that solicitors have feelings/senses of humour too 🙂

  2. I’ll be honest, my first thought was instantly “you can’t say it’s ‘bad’ without seeing their sales numbers after doing this.”
    Then I decided to check their website…. there’s nothing of interest there.
    I thought myfabland would be some sort of theme park or something.
    I do really want to know why this did this. I really doubt children (the target market) are going to visit that website and think “YES! I’m going to subscribe to Fab lollies on Facebook.”

    1. Hi Jane..yes, I see where you are coming from. My point is really about the fact that the whole idea of just printing a web address is boring and uninspiring especially, as you correctly observed, when the destination is also completely uninspiring. I mean, how much of a jump of imagination would it take to create a website full of kids jokes? Videos of kids telling jokes? Kids voting for their favourite jokes and the best jokes winning prizes? Kids making stuff out of used lolly sticks? Emotional engagement with the product!
      However, I think the lack of emotional engagement actually comes from the product itself which is, essentially, crap. Cynically produced and ineptly marketed; resting on the laurels of whoever dreamed up the brilliant idea of making a lolly look like a rocket. And don’t even get me started on the complete lack of nutrition…;-)

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