SEO Case Study: The "How-to-Answer-a-Question-With-Value-Using-The-Long-Tail-List-Building-Super-Ranking-Strategy" Technique

The title of this video was partly inspired by Kill Bill 2: “Five-Point-Palm-Exploding-Heart-Technique” which, just for fun, I might as well show here:

Not really, although it has a similar effect on your competition: it’s just a long-winded title for something that is a very powerful technique for building lists using the questions that people ask online relating to the products or services you sell which you can easily utilise in your SEO. I created this technique in 2005, and have found it particularly useful when dealing with a low budget and/or expensive PPC costs. I hope you enjoy the vid…



BTW- I knew where the Ubersuggest “click all keywords” thing was, I just had a temporary lapse of the ability to see the button 🙂
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