Alice Through The Google Glass Infographic

Google glass is coming out soon, and it is not without controversy. I, personally, do not think I will ever wear a pair (but I said the same thing about mobile phones for a number of years before finally succumbing).
We’ve created an infographic on Glass below for you, but if you really don’t know what they are about, watch this YouTube video demo from Google themselves first:

There’s a lot of noise about the price and costs of Google Glass, whether we should call them Glass or glasses, and what the implications are for our personal privacy and therefore personal freedom. Do you trust them? Do you think it’s okay for someone to be able to watch what you are watching in real time if the Glass was hacked? We, like everyone else, will be watching this space. In the meantime, please enjoy our infographic “Alice through the Google Glass”:

alice through the google glass from

What do you think to the Google Glass Project?

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  1. Thanks Mark I really like this article on Google Glass, glasses. Looks like they might be fun.

    1. Cheers Graham. I don’t think I want to wear them, but I haven’t actually got my paws on them yet, so time will tell…

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