Domain Name Search Engine Registration Scam!

OK it’s Friday the energy is flowing with all the positive things I have planned today when I flick through my emails and see an email to one of our domains headline
Domain Notification: Mark This is your Final Notice of Domain Listing – ****MARKET.COM
oh yes it’s one of those badly worded it’s time to renew your domain to the search engines!! Please never fall for these scams, the only thing you should pay for is a domain renewal from the domain registrar that you purchased your domain from and hosting if you purchased that at the same time.
Sometimes you may just want to point the domain at a service provider like which is the wordpress hosted version for small sites or googles blogger service and if that’s the case then you don’t need a hosting account
Domain Service Notice
Then look at the costs for doing nothing!!
Domain Service SEO Notice
You can see the full version which I have removed the full domain name from in case anyone wondered could you get ***** Here
These are designed to mislead people into paying

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