Life is Easy – How to Make More Money

On a recent trip to Marrakech in Morocco, whilst sat on the sun terrace of the wonderful Riad ZamZam after an incredible traditional hammam, I got to thinking about all the great people I have met over the years and their attitude towards making money. All the rich people I know seem to have a very clear attitude towards money that, whether they know it or not, is based in the metaphysical. The same applies to all the people that have little or no money.
The fact is that there is plenty of money in the world and the trick to getting some is to alter your relationship with it. Money, to me, is just energy, and it is not that difficult to attract.
I know that some people may think it glib to say “Life is Easy” when patently we have all been through many hardships to get to where we are today, but they’d be missing the point. I believe everything that life throws at us is designed to teach us, to help us grow. The idea of thinking that life is easy is based on the concept that once you start thinking like this, it does actually become easier. Don’t sweat the small stuff – it’s a waste of your precious gift that is life. Ignore the naysayers and the detractors and think about everything you’ve achieved in life – how did you do it? You started with a thought, and that thought became a reality because you took heart-led action.
When working with clients or people attending my seminars, I find myself often talking more about the metaphysical aspects of making money than I do about the mechanics of internet marketing, so I thought I’d share some of these thoughts with you here. Let me know what you think?

The founder of Attwood Digital, Mark is a digital marketing veteran having been working online since before the dotcom boom. He created the world's first online skip hire service in 2003, has created multiple online courses, lectured on digital marketing and even written a book on the subject. He is also an ICO advisor and crypto-enthusiast.
  1. Cool. I have learned to believe that money has a mind of its own. Not coins and notes, but the concept of money. It will go where it’s ‘wanted or welcomed
    ‘ Too many people are made to feel that they shouldn’t have too much of it as it will make them a poorer person spiritually. Or people think its a bad thing because people mishandle it – badly.
    Nice way to receive an uplifting video – you in Morocco and me in Midlands!!- better start ‘welcoming’ the money :-))

  2. This is a fabulous piece Mark. We saw you at prosperity 2013 this week, and your talk was both funny and totally relevant. Having built highly prosperous businesses and continuing to support others to do the same through internet savvy, you put in a nutshell the issue of poverty consciousness v prosperity consciousness…..

    1. Thank you!

  3. I totally agree with this, this is how I live my life. Your relationship with money is very important and I also find the more generous you are the more abundance you have its a balance of energy. If your tight you also always struggle as your in fear of loosing it.

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