Pheed me Seymore…

Even if you don’t get the “Little Shop of Horrors” reference in the title of this blog, you should start paying attention to this new social media platform called Pheed that is rapidly rising in the apple download charts for what seems like four very important reasons:
1. Unlike Facebook, it leaves the copyright of your content to you
2. It’s got some other v cool features like the ability to upload four hours of audio, which is getting it some decent press attention
3. It’s got a cool way of monetising your content (which they take a slice of) which is VERY interesting for authors, training providers, celebrities etc.
4. It’s got early adopters like Paris Hilton using it which means it’s getting traction in the mass market
What does it mean for marketing? We don’t know yet, but we’re popping over to to take a good look. Are you using it yet?
Pheed -
Oh, and here’s the reference for those of you that are interested:

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