Unsolicited Testimonials are the best Testimonials you can get

So, there I was flicking through my iPhone after a beasting at the gym and I spy this email from long term client/friend/collaborator Mike Philbin, who runs Stonecare TV, the best stone floor care training business in Europe and NuLife Floor Care in Stockport (which has been going for 30 odd years, started by his brilliant dad Brian):
Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 21.48.14
The background to this email is this: Mike badgered me last year to do a special, one-off intensive day of internet marketing training for his members – people who’d been on his floor care training courses.
I agreed, and last April we had a really great day teaching ten of his guys all the basics (and some advanced stuff) about how to get more leads and sales online for their own businesses.
A few weeks ago, he asked me if I’d do another one because he was getting asked by his members if one was on the cards. I always enjoy working with Mike so, of course, I said yes again.
So today Mike sent out this sales letter to his list:
Which is what the email is all about. One of the attendees last year was Jamie Pearson from Cleaning Systems UK in Scotland. Jamie got Mike’s email about this new training day in April today, and felt compelled to send Mike this video back:

How nice is that?
Now, I have a suspicion that if anyone outside of the floor cleaning world would also like to come to this event, you’d be most welcome. Here’s the sales letter again – feel free to book your spot:

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  1. What a handsome chap in that video.

    1. Indeed 🙂

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