Puritanical, Funny Google Reasons for Not Showing Adwords Adverts

You’ve got to laugh at this.
Whilst working on some adwords accounts for our clients, these are some of the reasons why google banned our ads:
{Keyword} Ash Cum RidleyCurrently we do not allow ad text containing the word ‘cum’ to run on Google. Please remove this inappropriate language from your ad and we will be happy to run your ad on Google.
{Keyword} AshtonGoogle does not permit the advertising of tobacco or tobacco-related products. Please see our guidelines for our full policy.

{Keyword} PillYour ad appears to contain pharmacy-related content. Google requires pharmacies in the US to be accredited with the National Association Boards of Pharmacy… Google policy does not allow Adwords ads for prescription drugs to be displayed in other countries.

{Keyword} Westward Ho!
Google’s policy does not permit excessive or unnecessary punctuation. Please see our guidelines for our full policy.

{Keyword} St Bride’s Major
At this time, Google does not permit Adwords ads for websites that promote mail order brides. Related keywords or ad text are also not permitted.

So, now we’re going to have to get on to our account manager at Google with a map of the UK in hand!
What’s hilarious is:
1. If Google is so clever, why hasn’t it got UK place names in it’s database?
2. The tone of their reasons for not allowing the adverts is pure Newspeak. Our moral guardians! My arse.
Have you ever had anything like this happen to you with adwords?

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  1. There is a place called Cock Alley in Calow. Say no more…

  2. Yeah and a place called Slag Lane in Lowton Cheshire, which i must say is for “the well off dudes”
    What a joke”””

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