Adwords Seminar in Cheshire

I’m just getting started on my adwords seminar in Cheshire. Should be a good day. Updates later….
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This is a picture of everyone coming into the room before an exhausting 8 hours of me talking.
It was a great day. I’ve spent so many times in the last 6 years looking into peoples’ adwords accounts and seeing so many fundamental errors, that to get 50 of them into a room at the same time and “fix” them was wonderful.
To all that came – thankyou for being such a receptive and friendly audience. Now go forward and make your business more profitable please.
If you missed it, I have three pieces of advice:
1. Go and get Perry Marshall’s Definitive Guide to Adwords. Best ton you’ll ever spend.
2. Take control of your own adwords account. If you do outsource it, make sure you’re getting proper reports and that you are tracking every profitable keyword. When you know which one’s make the moolah, that’s when you do the SEO.
3. Make sure you’re on my adwords workshop list. I’ll be emailing you when the CD is available for the event, and news about future events. Use the form below.

Not sure? Check these testimonials out:

The founder of Attwood Digital, Mark is a digital marketing veteran having been working online since before the dotcom boom. He created the world's first online skip hire service in 2003, has created multiple online courses, lectured on digital marketing and even written a book on the subject. He is also an ICO advisor and crypto-enthusiast.
  1. hope it goes well, I enjoyed the blog seminar, unfortunately I cant make it to this one

  2. Hi Mark,
    Had a fantastic day on Monday and got some really useful ideas on how to get more traffic to my website promoting the Midlands Best Wedding Shows. I’m sure I’ll be attracting many more wonderful brides to my wedding shows in 2010, through some of the techniques you taught us.
    We came to your clinic a little while ago and had a fantastic time, however this adwords clinic really bruchsed up on some things I’d forgotten about – so thank you.
    Speak soon

  3. My second time as a member of Mark’s congregation! An inspiration again. Will be continuing my dialogue with Mark shortly to take advantage of his knowledge and expertise re Adwords and SEO etc. Thanks again. Paul

  4. Mark,
    Thanks for a great seminar. Like you I have read Perry Marshall’s and Dr Glen Livingston’s books so I had some useful information already. However what you did in a easy to follow way was explain in everyday language how to effectively put it all together. Like many people I’ve simply let my adwords account do it’s own thing in the past and hope for the best, not really knowing what the metrics were or how to interpret them correctly. With your help I’m now going to keep a very close eye on it and I now fully understand how to use the data Google provides to MY advantage.
    I got so much extra infomation on related subjects that all help to make an adwords campaign work more effectively.
    Thanks for a cracking day and keep up the good work.
    Nick Gregan

  5. Mark,
    As a complete novice who has thought about using adwords for some time, has bought a book and never read it, has set up an Adwords account and never used it, I just needed something to give me a kick up the *** to actually get going and apply the “Just Do It” principle, or “JFDI” as so elegantly expressed in the trailer for your blogging workshop. Thanks for an enjoyable and productive day. Well worth the 500 mile round trip!
    David Wilson

  6. Mark,
    Thanks again for the Adwords workshop on Monday. It was a tremendous day with plenty of useful information which I WILL now put into operation. You set me a lot of work to do but it will give me something to do over the Christmas break when there are no distractions. Once I have sorted my Adwords campaign I will definitely looking at SEO to boost the organic listings.
    Thanks for a great day next time I am there is in January for my son’s wedding!
    Rick Northover

  7. Mark, Thank you so much for putting on such a great event. You demystified the world of PPC and I’m now locked in my office making lots of changes!! I will keep you updated on the progress of Suddenly Slim!! Best always, Roisin

  8. Wish I could have attended this one! Hope you arrange another for 2010…

  9. Mark
    Thanks for a great day, it truly was inspiring. I left the workshop and set straight to work on my own account. You have already saved me some money thanks.
    keep up the good work buddy
    Jason Dey

  10. Hi Mark
    Great day. I already had a basic understanding of Adwords but I got what I wanted from you. A few excellent tips and pointers to take our account to the next level. Good to see old faces from previous seminars too.

  11. Hi Mark
    Just wanted to thank you for a really great day of training.
    Unlike some of the events we’ve been to previously this was content-rich stuff, and it was very refreshing to see that you adopt an approach to give your audience some real value rather than aiming to just upsell services like some others.
    We run a firm of solicitors, and if the day had been “on the clock”, without travelling time, we probably used a combined £3,000 or so of the firm’s time to attend…
    I think it was “money well spent”!
    And we’re looking forward to learning more from you in future too.
    Very best wishes
    Harvey and Brian

  12. Thanks Mark for a really interesting seminar.
    I knew very little about the workings of adwords before the workshop and now I feel I know ebnought to run and manage a succesful campaign of my own, especially with all those little tips you mentioned, gained through your own experience.
    This is my 3rd visit to one of your lectures, and once again, very worth while.

  13. Mark,
    What an awsome seminar, really has helped me get a grip on my Adwords.
    Thanks so much!

  14. Hi Mark,
    Am so gutted to have missed this. Please let me know about the video.
    Have a great New Year.

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