Postal Strike to Wipe Out Small Business Profits – sign the petition

I’m not a big believer that signing petitions will ever make a difference to much, but one of my lovely subscribers Suzie asked me to blog about this, so here I am.
There’s a petition on the Downing Street website that states:
“We would like the government to intervene to end the ongoing dispute betweeen Royal Mail and CWU. This is now affecting thousands of small businesses, as they cannot guarentee their items are delivered or payments received. The government should step in and act as arbitrator to end the striking farly for both sides, and ensure that the backlog of mail does not result in thousands of small businesses going bankrupt -which will happen if this strike continues through Christmas.”
I signed it. You can too here.

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  1. A few of my clients run online stores and I know this is a thorn in their side as the customer always blames the retailer, despite it being the fault of Royal Mail.
    Right, I’m off to sign that petition!

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