Mark Attwood Talking At The System UK Intensive

I’m speaking live at Ken McCarthy’s “The System” UK Intensive!
Here are some shots.

This is me getting everyone to shout “We Love The System”. Twice, in fact.

This is Ken addressing the audience.
I got mobbed at lunchtime with questions from some really bright entrepreneurs from all around the world: mainly UK, but lots of US, Danish, Irish, Hungarian, French. A truly international event.
At 1.30pm there was a great surprise when the unadvertised Drayton Bird turned up to do an hour’s presentation. Great value info from the Daddy of the UK DM industry.
Just watching Karl and Ben doing their conversion stuff, although I’m flagging from the combination of being adrenalin burnt from talking this morning and sleeping in a terrible bed. That’s the problem with airport hotels – they’re designed for people “passing through” so the level of care (i.e. a pillow that you can actually sleep on) is way down the scale.
Had a lovely dinner (because of the company, not the food) in a Heathrow Chinese with super web designers Ben and Lizzie Hunt. It was Lizzies birthday n’all!
Day Two:
Enjoying Ben Moskel’s talk on affiliate marketing. Some great insights. Every internet marketer should have a go at affiliate marketing. It’s a lot of fun.
Here’s Ben in action:
Ben Moskei at The System UK Intensive
NEWS: We got a lot of people in the bar last night asking us how we get such great results with Face Book advertising, so in the spirit of DM we’ve decided to put a guide together. We’re calling it the FaceBook Marketing System. Sign up for priority notification of when we put this together over the next few weeks here. This will help you build demographically targeted lists fast and very low cost compared to PPC or seo:
Here’s Robert McDemus, he’s a thermo spray expert:
Robert McDemus at the System UK Intensive
Here’s the legendary Derek Dearden (he’s been to almost every System Seminar):
Derek Dearden at System UK Intensive
Now we’ve got the Super Affiliate Rockstar Greg Davis up on stage. This is mean, kick-ass keyword stuff:
Greg Davies Super Affiliate Rockstar at System UK Intensive
Greg has set up a CPA network all of his own called He just gave an amazing talk – a real affiliate rock star.
UPDATE: After a fantastic curry with the System Faculty and guests, we then proceeded to deprive the over-lit bar in the Sheraton of some of it’s single malt, delivered with less than no joy by a really bored Polish barman. I had to do this simply to enable me to get at least some sleep in the hotel’s unbelievably shite bed.
We all needed to get back home, so had to get on the road as soon as we could. We did hit a 5 mile tailback on the M6 but it was an otherwise uneventful journey.
I had lots of memories spinning in my head – all the new friends we have made, the brilliant minds we engaged with, th fun of being on the stage in front of such a vaired and lovely group of people (some of whom are doing AMAZING things online). If you were there: thank you so much for such a great weekend immersed in my favourite subject: internet marketing 🙂
I’ll upload a few more pics here:
Some networking action:
Wealth Master Paul Avins:
You can get full MP3 recordings of my talks at the even inside The Digital Marketing Training Ground

The founder of Attwood Digital, Mark is a digital marketing veteran having been working online since before the dotcom boom. He created the world's first online skip hire service in 2003, has created multiple online courses, lectured on digital marketing and even written a book on the subject. He is also an ICO advisor and crypto-enthusiast.
  1. Drayton bird was inspirational

  2. Great info on linking at the System Seminar UK. Thanks for all the help!

  3. Hugely inspiring presentations Mark! Really accessible, smart, and entertaining online marketing intelligence. Great to have someone so knowledgeable who’s so generous with their passion and vision. Thanks!

  4. Hi Mark,
    I’m glad you enjoyed super affiliate rockstar Greg Davis! This is Ryan his partner. I’ll make sure I make the next event.

  5. Thanks for sharing Mark – great event!

  6. Mark,
    Fantastic Information & Thought Provoking Ideas From Both Of Your Presentations! I Like Your Style and Keen Awareness Of What To Look For That Others Don’t See…
    We Will Have Our Texas Steak Cookout Soon

  7. Mark,
    Intensely great stuff! Thanks for sharing so freely – your presentation was packed with actionable information!

  8. Hey Mark,
    Great presentation and brilliant information – all of us at Paddy Power Trader really enjoyed it! We found your SEO information really insightful.
    Thanks again

  9. Mark,
    Its Lloyd in france here – we chatted about French birds in the bar!
    I loved your speech, the first one particularly! (my sides were aching from laughter) youve probably realised now, i told you about 10 times !
    Anyway you sold me on wordpress, im gonna sign up – are you an affiliate so I can send some business back to you?
    Cheers mate.

    1. You’ve got to think about strategy before diving in with a wordpress blog. There are many signs pointing to Google starting to devalue off-the-shelf wordpress blogs because they are being used so much for spammy link building. It’s down to strategy and budget, but if you want a rocket-fuelled, fully designed, tooled-up wordprss blog like this one, we can produce these for you. Us the Contact form for a quote.

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