Rachel Elnaugh's Marketing Magicians DVD

I just got my copy of the DVD of Rachel Elnaugh’s Marketing Magicians event at the British Library in June.
Take a look at it:

It’s a fantastic package crammed full of super-useful information from a diverse bunch of speakers, including me!
Royston Guest – a really useful and inspiring speech about how important referrals are in your business. I guarantee you are not doing everything Royston recommends, and you are losing sales because of it.
Thomas Mahon – a remarkable story of a tailor and his blog. Thomas was inspired to “start a conversation” on a blog. He did this – by blogging about what goes into making his Saville Row suits. He’s got a full international order book because of it. A superb lesson on how powerful blogging really is.
Me – I give away Waaaay Too Much Information in my talk. One attendee told me the other day that he’d halved his PPC budget and quadrupled his hits just from the adwords info I give on here.
Alan Forest Smith – from hairdresser to powerhouse direct marketer, Alan is a remarkable speaker.
Sue Stone – an inspirational talk from officially “the happiest woman in Britain”. Seriously, Sue has clients from all over the place and she teaches them to be happy applying the law of attraction and positive thinking.
Rachel Elnaugh – The First Lady of Dragons Den has been there and bought the T-shirt. Red Letter Days was an amazing achievement. The fact that it went down was heartbreaking, but Rachel’s fighting fit and gives an impressive talk here on branding that will inspire you. A true testament to the fact that being a successful entrepreneur is as much about how many times you can pick yourself up off the floor as anything else. Go and read Rachel’s book: “Business Nightmares”
Here’s a clip of me speaking at the event. There’s 1 hour and 20 minutes of me on the DVD.

There are some more clips in my Members Area, but if you want the whole shebang, I suggest you buy it today:

You’ll get a copy in the post within 14 days of us receiving the order. There is only a limited stock, so I’d get this valuable piece of business education as soon as you can. When you’ve watched it, feel free to come back and leave some comments here.

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