Rachel Elnaugh's Business Nightmares

Former Dragons Den judge, Rachel Elnaugh uncovers the moments when she and other business personalities hit crisis point. This contains Rachel’s truthful account of the much-publicised crash of Red Letter Days. She then boldly interviews business celebrities such as Jeffery Archer, Donald Trump, Stelios, Karan Billamoria, the Innocent boys, Ivan Massow and many more, about their darkest times in business.
This business book exposes, through detailed and insightful profiles how even the mightiest business people were fallible and did not make it plain sailing; that all business go through bad times but can still come out the other side and be hugely successful.
The author, Rachel Elnaugh is the epitome of a successful failure in that she was running the hugely profitable Red Letter Days, and lost it. Highly exposed in the media due to her celebrity status on the Dragons Den, Rachel became the scapegoat for the crash of this business. For the first time, you can hear Rachel’s side of the story, exclusively and honestly, in this book. It is written in a series of revealing interviews and delves into the darkest business moments of many massive business personalities, divulging what really went wrong, how the events unfolded, how they felt and how they emerged from the crisis and what they learned from their experience.
In a world where most business books bang on about “how to make millions in minutes” and “being a millionaire is easy”, Business Nightmares is a refreshing change in this market. Businesses fail for all sorts of reasons, and it’s usually the captain of the ship that takes all the flack.
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