What's the best host for WordPress?

We build and run a lot of blogs, for ourselves and our clients. We use WordPress mainly, although we do have some Moveable Type blogs (as recommended by Dave Taylor). We also run a few Joomla MyBlogs. We tend to steer away from Blogspot mainly due to snobbery 🙂 Blogspot is, to me, the domain of the teenage diarist, and that’s not the real estate on which to build a proper business blog.
I get asked a lot by clients “what’s the best host for wordpress?”. In fact, it worries me when clients aren’t asking about where to host their wordpress blog. Not all hosts are the same, and to get maxmimum SEO juice out of your seo-maxed WP blog, I always recommend 1&1. They just have it set up perfectly to handle WordPress. So, in a nutshell, that’s my answer: 1&1.
It’s important to note that this advice is for standalone blogs being used for online reputation. If you have a “money” site with a blog built in already, no need to change that. But if you want to build a blog for yourself and you want your money site to benefit from link juice from your blog, always a good idea to host it on a separate account like 1&1.
There’s much more info on how to use blogs effectively for your business in our Members Area.

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