The Power of Audio Testimonials

I’m in the middle of teaching today, but I just got this audio testimonial emailed to me from my audiogenerator account (click the play button):

I’ve been using audiogenerator for about three years now, and although I talk about it on my internet marketing course, I just realised I hardly ever talk about it on here.
It’s a brilliant way of getting customers to leave you messages which you then simply cut and paste from the audiogenerator site to your own site. I’ve always said that a video testimonial is better than an audio testimonial which is better than a written testimonial which is better than no testimonial.
See how we use it on our skip hire site (click the link).
It’s not always possible to get a video testimonial. especially if the horse has bolted (in my case, this means customers that are not nearby). Audio is the next best thing – as with video, people can instantly tell whether it’s genuine or not.
There’s nothing to stop you recording something, then putting it online as an mp3, I just like the ease and convenience of the audiogenerator service.
In fact, if you ever feel compelled to leave me an audio testimonial, just call 0207 6694 304, choose Option 1 and use code 9396 – use my contact form to tell me if you have a problem with it at all.
Check them out here:

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