Flip Mino HD Camcorder – the Ultimate Internet Marketers Tool?

Well, maybe not the ultimate tool, but certainly the mutts nuts. Mine’s on order now. I’ve been a bit slow on the uptake because I already have two fantastic digital camcorders. However, these features have finally swayed me to part with the cash:
* World’s smallest HD camcorder (720p) with super-slim, super-sleek design
* One-touch recording to 4GB (60 mins) of built in memory
* Email your videos or upload direct to YouTube, MySpace, and AOL Video
* Flip-out USB for charging internal battery or transferring video to PC
* Easy to use controls, editing software and file format for uses with iTunes, iMovie etc.

HIGHLY recommended!

The founder of Attwood Digital, Mark is a digital marketing veteran having been working online since before the dotcom boom. He created the world's first online skip hire service in 2003, has created multiple online courses, lectured on digital marketing and even written a book on the subject. He is also an ICO advisor and crypto-enthusiast.
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  1. Hi Mark
    So glad you’re on the uptake with the Flip Mino. We have no complaints about ours and can’t believe this product hasn’t yet taken the tech world by storm. It’s so dinky (but robust) that my mother still thinks it’s my old Nokia! Also, great resolution and fantastic sound.

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