A View From A Stage – Review of Rachel Elnaugh's Marketing Magicians

What a great event! If you couldn’t make Rachel Elnaugh’s Marketing Magicians event at the British Library on June 2nd, you seriously missed out!
Rachel and Mike Bate gathered up a really good mixture of people to create a fascinating, informative and inspirational day. I was honoured to have been included on the list of speakers.
I want to thank Royston Guest (he runs the international training company PTI Worldwide) for reminding me about how important referrals are and why we should all focus more on getting our customers to be our best sales people in a systemised way.
Also, I found Thomas Mahon’s story of how his ‘English Cut’ blog has made him into one of the most famous and sought after Savile Row tailors in the world – a business he runs from a remote country house in Cumbria. The power of blogging at work! Are you paying attention, non-bloggers?
I followed them with a 90 minute Internet Marketing Workshop just before lunch. In the spirit of having a laugh and getting funny content for my blog, I turned the cameras on the audience and for some insane reason got them all to proclaim their love for me (quite an achievement 🙂

Then there was the brilliant speaker Alan Forrest Smith. Alan managed to weave stories about his early entreprenurial life leading up to a disasterous dalliance with the Inland Revnue and his hairdressing salon in Wigan – an event that led to his discovery of the brilliant Jay Abraham (someone I have read a lot) and the turnaround in his business life that has now led him to teach and advise people on the power of copywriting in marketing. I think I might try and get on one of Alan’s courses myself one day, especially as he was also talking about the true power of the Law of Attraction – an ancient Law that is currently in both boom and backlash mode (thanks to “The Secret”), but something I think we should all take more of an interest in.
Rachel herself than took to the stage and provided some brilliant insights into her views and experience of magnetic or “honeypot” marketing – creating a brand that resonates on an emotional level with people. She proved that however much they spent on advertising Red Letter Days, over 80% of all their business came from PR and word of mouth. It’s easy to see why Rachel was picked for Dragons Den and is so in demand as a speaker – her knowledge, confidence and professionalism was great to see in the flesh. She did this on top of having to deal with all the other stuff that comes with organising an event, including the fact that there were not enough sandwiches for everyone at lunchtime (something that got her a tad wound up!). Great to see on of the UK’s leading female entrepreneurs in action.
The spirtual bent started by Alan (plus I think I mentioned metaphysics in SEO in my talk at one point, but realised I didn’t have enough time to go into my thoughts on that) was continued by the uplifting story of Sue Stone – a woman that came to the edge of financial disaster running a business with a husband who just put his head in the sand leaving her alone with £100,000’s of debts and three hungry mouth to feed – only to then completely turn her life around by the power of the Law of Attraction. Like the rest of us, Sue got cut off because we were overunning before she could get into exactly how to use the LofA in your daily life, but you can get her book here.
Finally, I’ve got to thank the audience for being simply ace. What a great bunch of people – my favourite kind of people. Entrepreneurs taking time out of their busy lives, spending their hard earnd cash and, in many cases, travelling hundreds of miles to simply broaden their minds, their scope and move towards fulfilling their true potential.
If you were there – thank you so much for making it such an enjoyable event. I truly wish you all the success in the world. (You’ll increase those chances by coming to one of my Internet Marketing Clinics by the way 🙂
If you weren’t there, I think you can get a DVD of the event here at some point soon and you’ll be able to get another chance to come to a live event when Rachel announces her next events in the Autumn.

The founder of Attwood Digital, Mark is a digital marketing veteran having been working online since before the dotcom boom. He created the world's first online skip hire service in 2003, has created multiple online courses, lectured on digital marketing and even written a book on the subject. He is also an ICO advisor and crypto-enthusiast.
  1. Hi Mark,
    You were great yesterday, really enjoyed your talk, came away very inspired. The above website is not ready yet, but I have been inspired to start a blog after listenning to Thomas Mahon. My website is causing me headaches at the moment. Do you think an Artist could market her work and expertise using a blog rather than a website? I would really value your views. Many Thanks. Hani

  2. Hi Mark,
    I was lucky enough to be in the audience on Tuesday. You can spot me in your video sat 2 rows directly behind Rachel – steadfastly refusing to put my arms in the air.
    I found your talk really interesting – enough in fact to register for your event at the start of July.
    I’m looking forward to getting down to the nitty gritty and watching the search rankings rise.

  3. Hi Mark
    Many thanks for your review and for being such a brilliant speaker I have had such positive feedback about your workshop, it blew most people’s brain!
    Looking forward to your SEO clinic on 12 June.

  4. Hi,Mark!!
    Thank you very much for such a fantastic lesson for all of us!My brain boiled after this fantastic event on Tuesday(Thanks to Rachel and all other brilliant speakers!)and I get lot of fantastic new ideas yesterday!!I would recommend for every small business owner to attend your trainings and would be happy to do for myself as well!!
    Good luck!

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