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I got this question from Mark after my webiner with Rachel Elnaugh last night. The email address supplied by the guy who asked the question didn’t work, so I’m putting it up here in the hope that Mark will read the answer!
Name: Mark
Enquiry: Hi, I was listening into your webinar last night. Thank you for your time. I did ask question that didnt get answered. I was wondering if you could direct me on how I can get a website built for little expense as I lost my business last year and have been left starting again from scratch having built up a good size company. The website would be similar to trip advisor.
Any ideas on how I could build one very cheap. Thanks
Hi Mark
Thanks for your email. Once you have completed your keyword research, written optimised pages in a complete brief, I would then put the brief/job up on rentacoder.com and elance.com.

These are definitely the cheapest places you can get web design work done.
When you put a brief on there, make sure you pitch it to these people in a way they will understand (i.e. Showing you’re not a complete novice). Think about it from their point of view. Pitch it like: “I need a site building like tripadvisor.com, it will take you about XX hours, my budget is $XX”
This makes it easy for the designer to understand what you’re trying to achieve, and having a complete brief to deliver to them will make the whole thing run smoothly. Some of the people on there will work for incredibly cheap rates compared to the UK, but be advised to check their ratings before giving them the job, and make sure you can contact them via skype or IM before you pass them the work. There’s nothing worse than giving a job out without a proven way to contact the supplier when things aren’t going smoothly/quickly enough.
If you or anyone else needs really professional and optimised-from-the-ground up websites building, contact me to get a quote.
P.S. I will happily answer all questions sent to me on the proviso that I can reproduce my answers on this blog. I cannot guarantee to get back to you fast because I get asked a lot of questions and I’m also trying to run a growing company! If you have an urgent question for me email me

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