TiE Talk

I had a great time last night speaking on Internet Marketing and SEO for the TiE Network.
There were a few familiar faces there from my past. Firstly, Richard Hudson of Manchester web design company Vanilla Storm. Richard also twittered an unflattering picture of me talking which I reproduce here only to prove that is IS possible to do business seminars in sandals (click on the pic to see the feet in all their Birkenstock glory):
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Also there was Manchester Comedy Club owner, Dave Perkins. Dave and I go way back to when I was doing stand up and theatre (he often gave us a leg up) and not only was it nice to see him, but I was also pleased to hear he’d expanded his empire from the notorious Frog and Bucket Comedy Club to include 11 other pubs. Nice one Dave.
I was also greeted by three of the team that work for my old mate Andy Spinoza at Manchester PR agency SKV Communications. Andy is a PR legend who was (predictably) too busy to attend the talk – but it was really good to meet some of his very switched on crew.
The rest of the people at TiE really impressed me as well. There were about 60 people there in total, all of which kept my rumbling tummy away from the train home with some really interesting and intelligent questions about SEO and online marketing. TiE is run by some extremely successful, professional and pleasant business people. I’d recommend attending their events and joining them if you’re looking to network in Manchester.
If you went to my talk, this is the the link for my “Top Ten Tips for Instantly Boosting Your Online Profits”: SEO Training Course

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