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This is the trailer for the DVD of my lecture at Manchester Metropolitan University on Internet Marketing.
The DVD is packed full of content on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), PPC (Pay Per Click), Copywriting – a brain dump of lots of the techniques I have used over the years to generate more than £30 million using internet marketing.
I’m giving it away for FREE – we even cover the postage worldwide.

Just click the Free Consultation button on the right of this page to get the DVD
Just click the Free Consultation button on the right of this page to get the DVD

Here’s a testimonial from another business owner, Wayne Conners, after he watched this:
“Hi Mark
I must get out more Mark? I started to view the DVD on Sunday, after
viewing it twice intermingled with me going to my PC to try and see if I
could emulate what I had see, it became apparent that I needed help. My
dad always said a little knowledge is dangerous. The DVD is packed with
an a lot of common sense information and structure. It highlighted to me,
that when we decided to tender the build of our site we put the cart
before the horse looking at the window front and not the structure or
content. I hope that by attending one of your clinics, we are able to
turn our site from a information tool into a revenue generation tool.
Thanks for opening my eyes.
You can see more testimonials here.

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