Meeting the Wedding Experts today

I’m looking forward to Gail and Natalie Hannaford coming to the house this fine Saturday. Since we met last summer, I’ve been advising them on their marketing strategy (as well as being good friends). Gail publishes a Midlands-focused wedding magazine, and her daughter Natalie runs wedding events in the area.
Recently, Natalie sold out one event using Facebook marketing principles I showed her and last weekend she realised that 97% of her bride attendees were there only because of receiving an email from us via “Gails List” – an email list of over 7500 brides to be that is proving a massive hit. This list is taking wedding marketing to new heights. In Natalie’s case, she told me yesterday that she spent about £400 on local newspaper advertising and this generated ony 3 attendees! The other 97 all came from the emailshot!
Three months ago, these email addresses were all sat in a box in Gails office written on pieces of paper!
Natalie and Gail both attended my Internet Marketing clinic back in October. This is what they thought:

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