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The Meaning of Colour in Marketing

Posted by Mark on Tuesday, 19th February, 2013 (Internet Marketing)

Colour makes a tremendous difference in all your marketing efforts. It’s no surprise that blue is the No. 1 favourite colour in the world when you consider how happy everyone is to look at a blue sky/blue sea, but what do the other colours mean? We thought we’d put together an infographic showing you some of the major colours and their meaning (we recently changed a red website to blue to measure the conversion rate increase. Blue won).

Which colour represents your brand best?

Which colour represents your brand best?

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Written by Mark

Mark Attwood is the founder of Attwood Digital and has been working online since 1998. He lives in Cheshire with his wife, 5 little kids and no pets (not counting the sea monkeys). He likes bad jokes, Dr Who and flying machines. You can follow Mark on and Twitter

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4 Responses to “The Meaning of Colour in Marketing”

  1. avatar Bren says:

    Really interesting article – rethinks colour scheme

  2. avatar Martin says:

    So should my website be blue & Yellow (sun and Sky) like every other Travel Website? Have I been alternative and detrimental as usual?

  3. Thanks for sumarising/clarifying this – really helpful!

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